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flexpay and final quantities for the rest of the year. they will definitely go in this show. do not forget about our lg. the flexpay on this also expires at midnight. if you are interested i think last 2000.500. we have so many people who are still ordering be sure to call. remember it is done that expires at midnight. you get $140 worth of airtime. credit checks no monthly bills ever. and it is a real smartphone. be still my heart have you heard? this is big.6 c1america's no. 1, our favorite 7 in. tablet for
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lowest price ever. last chance on the best buy of the day. [♪ music ♪] 3 >>host: all right friends. be want a tablet. you know that you do. do not you want it all? we all do but let's be perfectly candid.we all want a tablet computer for christmas. reality is, in order to get the future normally to it features like this you expect to be shelling out big bucks. 6 c13 computera- not a toy but >>host: the weather and go to facebook an dome lid a free apps from
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amazon that will allow you to text for free! -- >>host: is faster than before and what is your number one pet peeve at shopping on the internet? and it took so long to download i click on it again and it played the video twice so it had an echo had to back out of the application. 30 times faster! web downloads then ever before! my
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whole point is there is not a laptop in the world that weighs 14 ounces. even a can of soda weighs morez. whoever is in graphics they are listening to me. it is like magic at the bottom of the screen. so sliver thing you can take it with you wherever you go. oms and dads of america if there was one tablet to get for your kids it has to be this one.i want to get this for my 4 year old nephew who is 25 soon. this is more durable -- to be 5 >>host: this is more durable than the plastic toys they are playing is literally30 times more! durable more durable than
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plastic! you throw it rv car etc.upgraded operating system memory, speed, everything and the price ever. here is the scoop quantity left. not calling you are not going to get it. lowest price tablet ever in hsn history and for the rest of the year. free shipping and handling and need to be calling. speaking of calls, i would love to hear from you. 1-866-376-talk 1-866-376-talk 1-866-376-talk 1-866-376-talk we had close to a thousand new names last year ordering.please call us
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want to hear kindle stories. 1-866-376-talk 1-866-376-talk 1-866-376-talk cable and your www.simplytoimpress. com belcher.belcher. i only have a handful of these cases. -- a voucher >>guest: number one selling 7 in. tablet in america. for a reason and is the kindle fire and people are crazy about it. lowest price we have ever done and we have sold the kindle fire before. people love it and it has always been at a higher price and this is the lowest price the lowest price for any tablet on the air. you are buying the last
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tablets for this price until the end of the year. free shipping and handling now over 35,000 are sold today. arms so glad you joined us for the last presentation. is this a great reader? yes and is an android operating system and yes 8 gb of memory build and and because this is a kindle he has unlimited memory because everything from the amazon appstore that you purchase goes to the cloud. extremes'
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back-and-forth to tablet. -- it steams back andforth to your tablet. >>host: i am going to make sound effects while he is talking because he did to me last night. over a thousand people joining us and the truth of the matter is you want a tablet and to get a tablet computers for less than $40 tell me that? does not blow your that let alone for the kindle firepick said it is no. 1 with a bullet! you can buy
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tablets for $199 but they're not the kindle and and they did not come with free software and apps and with the lowest price ever. almost a thousand new faces shop with us last hour. to welcome new customers because tonight is your night. i am shannon and aaron has been here for over five years. i have been here for over 15. goodbye and good luck. the lowest price tablets to the rest of the year and on any amazon one we have ever done. here is what i want to shoppers to know i want you to try it and this is the best way to get started. are no compromises and you know very well normally to get
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a tablet computers for less than you are getting a known name and not the big guys. really want but the cool thing is you get to use flex and that is even if you have never shopped here before. to get to the fund number and $40 on your credit card and we also take the the cards. when the nutribullet sold out earlier i did flex pay. not layaway is on its way to and is under the tree. you are getting it for under $40 and even pay to send to you.rose marie from new york called us last hour and she is buying it for her 12 year-old niece. not only is the free shipping and handling and flex pay great but these are hard to
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find. there are cheap tablets out there but everybody wants the kindle for the money. do not you want the best? there is the reason my is america's number one selling tablet computer. if you are putting a toe in the water here at hsn i want you to try and do you know that it has a 60 day money back guarantee return policy? we pay to send it to you for $40 on your credit card and if you are getting it for a gift for yourself and maybe a tablet computer for the first time use it and try it and 60 days, you have until the end of january of next year and if
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it is notything you think this and that you love by the way is a kindle and the kindle fire so you are going to love it. you the little return label on the box you do not have to stand in line or fight with the clerk. 6 c13 that is in the paid -- postage is even paid. c13 is not a store in the world that does that. some things after christmas and i will alertleave the line because it is too much work sometimes. the return postage is paid for.for
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obviously they're all going to go and wacom into our world here at hsn and in the meantime we are off to michigan where terryilynn is calling in. >>caller: i have been searching for this and i got it now on flex pay and a cheaper price. and free shipping and handling and it is half christmas to me. >>host: i like how you celebrate. >>host: have you been wanting tablet- >>caller: yes and i am disabled and it fits my budget. i could not 300
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or $400.when i saw free shipping and handling i said oh this is mine. >>guest: >>host: suzanne amazon and did you know they give you a free atpp every day? --this is amazon >>caller: i can watch you all on it. you guys have made my year. >>host: that is important to me and aaron. it is really nice to be able to get the things that you will use and do it on flex pay and it will pay for itself 100 times over. >>caller: and the 5 flex pays fits right into my budget. >>host: thank you for stopping by to
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say hello to us at hsn. >>caller: thank you. i watch you every day but this is it for the year. >>host: have a safe and blessed holiday. >>caller: you and happy new year. bye-bye. >>host: here is the scoop. we are not break the leg or hurt (...) >>guest: not fool around! [laughter] >>host: the time for thinking is. we are having fun with this but i want you to try it. just like the caller said she can budget this and how many times have you done that? the crummy old tv i have in my i bought a tv i could afford at the time and i have regretted
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it every time i turned on because it is not what i wanted. times to make compromises but this is not just the one that you can afford you can budget it. you can pay as you go and she said she does not it she will put it in the box. even if you change your mind or find something else, if you get it as a gift i like kelsey celebrates. put the label on the box and send it back to us. we will refund your purchase price but the time for doing is right is your last chance to grab it and this is the final presentation.we are back to the phones to wisconsin with vicki. hello and welcome to is aaron and shannon. >>caller: hi6 c13
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you doing? >>host: good and we hear your upgrading tonight? >>caller: i have a candle and i love it but i wanted the tablet also and i just turned the tv on and i saw this and thought oh my gosh. merry christmas to me. >>host: i love the viewers because you guys celebrate like i do. [laughter] not only do you deserve it but doesn't pay for itself? i bet you use your kindle all the time in almost every6 c13 >>caller: yes i do and i love it. i am going to love this much better. >>host: the key do you do any shopping online? --vicky >>caller: yes i do. >>host: did you hear this is 30%+ >>caller: the
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tv i got so excited because this is all i have been talking about wanting to upgrade my candle. -- >>host: i hope you use the flex pay? >>caller: yes i . it makes everything affordable. >>host: yeah it really doesn't merry christmas to you vicky. >>caller: thank and merry christmas to you and happy new year to you guys. >>host: thank you and take good care. giggling and they should make you smile. holy smoke are we they made the phone call earlier today we have adjusted our quantities to make this available for the next hour and that only. in case
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you were wondering we have adjusted the quantities to make this available13 this hour and this show and that is it. from underneath you and let someone else get your kindle! [laughter] the problem is if you are not calling that is exactly what will know very well you have had your heart set on a tablet. just like the caller says she loves kindle but she wants to upgrade it. most people want a candle and they're spoiled. sometimes we will try one tablet and we get spoiled but people that have kindles always get another one.moms and dads across america if there one tablet that
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you are going to get, get them the candle. this is more durable than probably the tories. >>guest: faster and more durable. literally 20 times more durable than plastic. -- toys >>guest: 30 times more fasters we'd need to have an intervention at point because i buy everything here at hsn. [laughter] i literally went home to use my.
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the whole idea is 30 present faster and not only is it better for kids because it is 20% stronger than plastic but you have parental controls and just like the caller said she is disabled and if you do have any kind of dexterity issues is a touch screen and no bezel on and so it is like a and you can watch hsn you can facebook tweet shop do banking and is really amazing when you wrap your mind is a computer for $40 with free shipping and handling and only for this show.parental controls so you can control it for your kids. just like the caller mentioned she is disabled and if you have the usual problems you can even download and at the you can text for free. and you can
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also enlarge the type. this also read to you and to your kids so if there is someone with a visual problems it will read to them and read to your kids and grandkids.i will say for grandparents if you not entered the digital world come but i have a laptop but i use a tablet. most of us this is what you would use every day. you are not calling now, you are not getting it. if you are going to be downloading or finding photos,remember you can print with our canon printer that we had last hour. 6 c13 we have a couple
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hundred of them? the last 800 of them. the flex pays will expire on the printer on flex pay $30 and youthing get the kindle for $40 on flex you will be spending $70 a month. once you get this you will never look and by the way, we are still taking your calls and we have one but only if you are going to the phones right now is here if you are watching% shopping you should do it. at 1-866-376-talk 1-866-376-talk 1-866-376-talk 1-866-376-talk. we are also monitoring the hsn live chat in addition to that.i have to say aaron it boggles the mind
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that you can do all this for less than $200. >>guest: make no mistake about the kindle fire is the best reader in the world but you can go to the amazon appstore and you can download over 20,000 apps. i downloaded a map application that even [commercial] [foreign language[electronic voice] >>guest: you can open an attachment and look how fast is. this web browser is 30% and if
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you want input some info or route to any of your favorite web sites, and you can do so many things. whittier into gaming or watching movies and thered the whole world. stop >>host: ! stop if we are like this on the air you do not want to c.s. after we get off! >>guest: this is how i get shannon' attention. >>host: we have to have that as a sound effect here at hsn. ! >>host: if you want to be the coolest grandparent in the world, i have big old man hands and i am a farm girl.i cannot tax the my cell phone half
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the time i just put yes or no. if you only got it to tax and how much of youthspan neon texting? -- text and how much are you spending for texting? >>guest: i cannot remember ifit is free or 99¢.you use your fingers or we include a. it is easy to type with a stylus. you can be a lot more precise. >>host: wow are we busy and use express ordering if you can. if you shop here before, it actually allows you to but
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ahead in line.literally typing your telephone number and it will ask your zip code and is no hard questions like how old are you or how much do you weigh? % not want to answer. [laughter] also the flex pay committee to do all that and you can pay for6 c13 -- we will pay for the shipping and handling even if you are going to send it to someone else. it is free to get it to their door. sent in to minnesota or california or new york. -- send we have had thousands of new shoppers in the last day and you can get more than one of these also.
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you can also use flex pay more than once. many times the limit per but we are not doing that here. you may want to talk in a way for graduation -- tuck. if you want to get four or five of them i do not think there is a limit. will find out whatyou could literally buy one for the and one for yourself or one for your hobby and one for you. you can put them all on flex pay. send it directly to someone who lives in new york or l.a. etc. and we will pay for the shipping. no compromises
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and you know very well you want a tablet and more importantly 18 brand name. in the world of tablet computers, yes you can do games in it is a lot of fun and intuitive and easy but at the the day is a little bitty and more importantly it is america's number one selling number one rated and #1 7 in. tablet computer in the world. we hope you can try it. it is going to and this is your last shot. this becomes one of those things you wake up tomorrow and you say why did i not get >>guest: it is no risk and we are paying the shipping and handling. you have a return policy until january 31st.[laughter] we know
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that you will love it. >>host: we are going to get to new with diane who is calling and welcome to hsn >>caller: hi how are you? >>host: good and we hear you are shopping for yourself? >>caller: i and my husband just bought it as a christmas gift for me. >>host: o ho ubby my daughter has a less person and she's going to try to take it from me. [laughter] >>host: was the price or whatfeatures got you interested? >>caller: i have been watching for the last few days and i like 8 gb and you can put everything on the cloud and i like everything about it. >>host: and i guess the flex pay did
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not hurt? >>caller: absolutely not because i took the vantage of that. >>host: mr too. >>caller: -- >>caller: =e too. >>caller: it took for ever to try to get hers. >>host: this is for mom, >>caller: yes. >>host: i am so glad you got it before it sells out. . >>caller: is the kindle case still available? >>host: do we have red and orange available? >>caller: do you have the black? >>host: this is a different version with either the mock croc or the solid black. we have the black, orange and the red. >>caller: cannot -- black>>host: kudos
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to you for getting it for yourself and this get the case because it is more durable than plastic and you can take on the road and this is a sexy the black for everyone and i like the mock croc. i love my and it actually has the mock croc even on the molded (...) >>guest: on the bumpers and that is really nice. >>host: from edge to edge it looks c13 an expensive wallet. we are wildly and you have to take advantage of it now because basically when is gone, it is gone and free shipping and handling and one thing that diane
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mentioned, when you buy those pads that are fantastic products they are $600-a hundred dollars. you know if you get price them to get features like this you spend a fortune. ---$8 00 >>host: this is a brand and the kindle fire and number-one selling 7 in. tablet. the bigger tablets cannot -- the bigger tablet from the mall you cannot play flash video and you cannot hold it with one hand and use it. when you access the amazon appstore it is free on limited memory. you never have to delete things or say i need to that
9:33 pm
photo. explain how that works aaron. >>guest: information on the appstore here. one of the best appstore is in the world that you can download tens of thousands of apps on it. [reading] half >>guest: of memory but as3 as you are downloading things from the amazon appstore it is all stored6 c13
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cloud so any time he needed it is there. and also will send your works like your tablets as analysts memory and you are not paying for it. -- and lessand lessendless memory. >>host: the canon printer the number is at the bottom of the screen. there is flex pay on the printer and it prints like your food developersd the flex pays under $30 to get it not prints photos in less than 60 seconds their waterproof and water resistant. we have fewer than a hundred of those and the flex pay expires that. we are going to head to the phones and we are super busy. this tommyrot to n.c.
9:35 pm
with tracy calling on. barbara -- this time we are off to north carolina with tracy calling in. who is the kindle fire 4? >>caller: me. i want this for myself than i. [laughter] >>host: what made it the computer or tablet to get tonight? why do you decide you had to get this evening? -- i have been watching you all for item anemone years and this on tv 4 while and i keep advertise and it just seems like it would be good thing to have. >>guest: it is. >>host: it is a really good thing to have. i knew you of a ton of fun with it tracy. when you tell
9:36 pm
your friend and a pendant or under $40 they will think that you will robbed the store. i told my brother i bought a better thing. >>host: you did well for yourself tonight and i appeal of a great holiday and thank you for stopping by hsn. >>caller: thank you yelyou over 40,000 on and we are about halfway through the presentation so if you are channel surfing, thank you for callinstopping by hsn. i hope you had a great afternoon and day but if you are joining as for the first time, this is and this is the finest hour as far as i am concerned.tracy just called and said he got the best. it is a really good thing to have but more importantly he said he had other tap lentoweltablet but
9:37 pm
you can tell he was not happy with what he got. you want it all. you read the consumer reporting magazines and there is a reason why this is number one. it would not be america's number one selling tablet if they were not doing something right.the no. 1 7 in. selling tabloid in the world and in america. if your channel surfing, i want to go over all the features and i want to pretend you have not seen this all day. to begin lowest price ever at hsn! it is a dual- core and it has been upgraded. if you have a candle at home you have not seen anything yet.3 and upgraded processor that is faster and even faster to go to the internet. most of what i do my talent is go on the internet and downloadhotos, pictures, to shopping and what is your pet with
9:38 pm
an old tablet or computer that you have now? is slow this a 30% faster processor. said it 30 times faster than a lunch it wouldme up bright? in addition to moms and dads of america your kids and nieces and nephews- computer. you buy that thousand dollar tablet or 14 $500- is not onlyk and slim but this weighs 14 ounces and the big goal of the movie theater would weigh more than this tablet will use this the
9:39 pm
airport waiting in line or watching movies at the hair dresser or doctor's office. you can download apps that you can do office we 1 of the programs at excel you can do that or power point or word. this is a little computer so everything you do like going to your e-mail facebook every day oretting on line, a surfing the internet looking info when shopping you can do it all here and now in 14 ounces and a 9 hour battery life, so you are not always running to charge it. if you ever leave the house a month ago anything and have your info on the go and have it available immediately to you, the kindle fire is the way to go. >>host: like tracy said it is a good thing that have an id is the best. he has tried other ones. -- it >>host: better
9:40 pm
processor and infinite memory on the amazon cloud. you are not spending like to hundred dollars-$300. i spent x trap to get the extra memory and is still not that much. --extra just to get the extra mmemory >>host: faster web download san you know very well you will use it more than your annual shop and bank on it and download office suite or office programming and duks and etc. it will blow you awayhere is my other thing. i mention this before but it is sliver thin and 14 ounces.30 times more
9:41 pm
sturdy 20 times more durable than plastic! all of3 nephew's toys are made out of plastic. unter is a real boy a. he is 4 years and we are not gentlemanly play with toys. it is 20 times more durable than plastic, this is the one you want for your kids. this is the one that you want. it is horrible classic and unlike other tablets, it does not have the crazy it is a sleak flat glass and it is like edge to edge movie watching and it is will blow you have to try it for yourself.diane was asking about the
9:42 pm
case and limited quantities on in it. i hope you will check details with your reps. like tracy in north carolina said it is the best and #one for a reason. free shipping and handling and less than $40 a month but your credit card. we are headed off to florida where is calling and i hear you got the today's special? >>caller: yes ma'am and giving to everyone on the show. . >>host: is this the first tablet for you? what made you decide to jump in and try it tonight? >>caller: oh man you had so many testimonies on their and i was watching the dynalift giving the demonstrations and i have been looking for something simple -- simple guy on the
9:43 pm
lef. -- had one and spilled some coffee on it. ii was looking to get a laptop but when i saw the kindle coming out i thought i wanted to get something and i can use it for my left eye so likable things closer.the way he it was so simple. >>host: i do not know if you can see the tv but aaron is showing you how you can enlarge theest: if you are reading you just press anywhere on the screen and the settings in the upper left-hand corner and you can make the tax larger were smaller or change the font or change the background and you
9:44 pm
can also have the tablet even read to you. that is a really nice feature. >>caller: that is wonderful. >>guest: 3 pretty nice. >>caller: just the way you do things you make it interesting and the testimonies of the customers that calledm and i just loved it so i could not pass it up. --6 c13 called >>caller: i said no i have to get this. you do such a fantastic i could not pass it up because i needed something to start over again. >>host: errol, i am glad we were able to help you out tonight. i want to wish a merry christmas and thank you for taking the time that of the night to say hello.
9:45 pm
aaron works very hard on the demonstrations and i promise you it is even easier when you get in and home ok? >>caller: aaron you are the man! [laughter] >>host: he is thank you for the call. >>caller: and shannon i have to tell you are really beautiful lady. great combination on the show.keep it going to give you guys are working at. >>guest: we cannot do without you. >>host: you are the best part of the show.nk you for the kind words. >>caller: everyone have a merry and blessed christmas. >>host: what a great call. i have to stress and wow are we busy! we have had over 1200 defaces shop with us and a couple of new things are happening. first of
9:46 pm
all want to thank you for watching and enjoying the presentation, most importantly thank you for calling.i said this before and i will say it again. this is the best way to try hsn. are looking3 placed pitcher foot in the water (...) am going to twist your arm and like errol said he has been watching all day long but you have to do it now. now is the time to take action. i knew you had been watching but why would you not call? there is a 60 day money back guarantee. you have two months to try this as you buy it. 3 the world that will do that for you. lowest price tablet computer of the rest of the year.% price that we have never done the kindle and we have never paid for the shipping and handling and we will
9:47 pm
not after the show.two things happen at midnight and then it will be sold out. the price goes away and the flex pay will be and then the shipping and handling will be gone after this airing. you heard errol, he said he wanted the best and to make easy. he had some visual problems and i think this is the most loving gift you can give to is a gift that they will use and they will use every day and every day but will appreciate it.+ will pay for a thousand times over. there are so few things that we combine and not only do they appreciate but improve and enhance their life. it is wii u son daughter if it is for your son daughter, (...) mom,. ) final
9:48 pm
presentation and it is done after airing. i would love to welcome you into the world of hsn. i am so proud to be a host here at hsn. you have been my family for the last 16 years and if you have not tried us i want you to do it on this computer. there are a lot of i am here with aaron and i will only talk price and you there is and when i am excited about the price and free shipping and handling is a big deal and i like the features and the fact that is a kindle fire and that is what makes me proud as a host to say i know it is less than $40 but you will be happy with it and that is the big thing we worry about. he will be happy with using an love it and if you do not do it you will say why did not call? she was
9:49 pm
right nation of called and here's one other thing and aaron knows this happens all the time. when you see colleen with her brand new today's special at midnight this will go off on as $250 and guess what? we will sellc13 at that price and that might even be you. you will why did i not get it when it was only $40 to get it home? you have to make the call and we including the usb cable, www.simplytoimpress. com voucher the stylus and the head set. this is a $25 gift and get the case and ask the printer from cannon. catherine we have the last 700 printers? last 700
9:50 pm
printers and these are water and stain resistant. if you think it looks and a photo developer it is this is my makeup artist's little girl. the flex pay on the printer will3 and midnight. we have a handful of cases. diane and i think north carolina was asking about this. available6 c13 black, orange or red. place and it looks like an expensive walllet. we are off to the phones to california with beverly calling in. welcome. >>caller: hi how are c13
9:51 pm
>>host: we are and who knew that electronics could be this fun right? >>caller: i know! [laughter] >>host: beverly what is going on? we heard you got yourself a today's special? >>caller: oh yes. in october my purse was stolen and in it was my kindle. i have been lost without it. i had an and i have the kindle act on it but it is just not the same as having kindle in my hand. ok what kind of kindle am i going to get? this is the best deal going. >>host: yrsh. >>caller: i did not think about it and picked up the phone and dialed. -- y eah >>caller: merry
9:52 pm
christmas to me. first of all thank you for your call and we are sorry to hear about the theft but how great you can replace it here at hsn. for people and have not tried a candle, it is the best and they are so much fun are they not? >>caller: oh they are. it is- wonderful to pick it up and read it and say okay at one to listen to it for while while i am washing dishes. or while i am cooking or doing something else.i can listen to it and i am so excited to get in i have not had the kindle fire before. >>guest: the color is amazing and is faster! >>host: in this kind
9:53 pm
of like putting the top down on the convertible because your hair will blow you get to this web sites. 30 percent faster. if you shop like i do, we can all get ourselves in trouble with how fast is! >>caller: i have done that and got myself in trouble. (...)[laughter] >>host: thank you for getting through to say hello to aaron and myself.3 have a wonderful christmas season. >>guest: >>caller: thank you and you+ >>host: if you are calling, we one for you and thank you to beverly and so many great phone calls tonight. we have to stress that this is that and if you are a channel surfing we have another 15-20 minutes and my producer catherine i would two hours on this but we do not have enough in terms of quantity to do that.beverly
9:54 pm
is the second kindle person that said she loves her kindle. she had a ipad and she said you just cannot replace the kindle experience.i love my ipad and she loves hers and you cannot replace the kindle experience. i do have in all but you can have an all if you are only spending $40 and remember the shipping and handling is free! merry christmas to me as beverly said. wow are! we what ever it takes costs . -- wow are we busier than ever (...) if you have been thinking about i
9:55 pm
am going to twist your arm!hter] have a 60 money back guarantee, so please just try it because i know you love it. if you the consumer reports magazines and web editors choices this is number errol in florida said it is the best. it number one for a reason and think of all the talents that are sold out there. like beverly said in california this is the buy going and i had to do it. or this is the final opportunity and we will pay to send to you for free shipping and handling and a 60 day money back guarantee to get it home and try it while you are buying it. you put the label on it and the shipping and handling has already
9:56 pm
been allocated and thein the return process. why did you not love at? there is an act in amazon for free texting and turn it into a if you are not calling now, you will not get we have any more of the hand holders >>guest: we do. >>host: you cannot replace the kindle experience is what we call the handy holder.$39.95 these are usually sold out the you can do slide shows or
9:57 pm
presentations. >>guest: 6 c13 just i am watching the hsn moment sun youtube. there is skipper daisy doing a skipper doing theorm! >>host: at the top of the hour we will backtrack and remind you about all the great features again. at this point we wanted to not let someone else gets your get your kindle. pget youre get your kindle. there is a slight delay in ordering the please be patient because we want to make sure
9:58 pm
you get it and get it for $40. in honor of the free shipping and handling that is done at midnight. we are headed to michigan carry who is shopping and welcome to hsn. --% gary >>caller: hi how are you doing? >>host: wetwisted your are many of the today's special? >>caller: yes i did. i was looking at some of the bigger ones were 400-$600. i like all the options on this and i love your return policy you have >>host: 60 i am doing all my last minute christmas shopping and who once a tassel or to haggle with a are you getting it for yourself
9:59 pm
>>caller: it is for myself. >>host: even better gary i like that. the $500.600 dollar tablets and they charge you extra for all those extra features and memory right? --$500- are going to have a ball with this. >>caller: i have a desktop and a 17 inch laptop that is a little too big and i think this will be just the right size. >>host: yeah i think so too. he made an excellent choice and thank you for stopping by hsn. we hope you have a great christmas of k? >>caller: a nice merry christmas as well. -- ok >>host: (...) you can play. >>guest: i

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